How to Check if a Website is Safe


In the Internet, there are thousand of website but not all of them are safe. Some of them are really trustworthy but some of them are unsafe one. Just clicking on those site will infect your PC with several malicious malware. So, it is very necessary to check whether the website is safe or not.

Tricks to check if a Website is Safe

Tip 1 : Make Use of Browser Security Feature

This feature is used to check whether site is safe or not and it also protects System user by blocking the annoying pop-ups, controlling sites and stopping the malicious downloads. Security settings are located at different place according to browser including :

  • Google Chrome – Settings > Advanced > Privacy and security
  • Mozilla Firefox – Options > Privacy & Security
  • Microsoft Edge – Settings > Advanced settings
  • Safari – Preferences > Security and Preferences > Privacy

Tip 2 : Look For HTTPS

Yes, you heard absolutely right, checking for the HTTP is one of the best safety tip. It ensure that the data you enter using the site remains locked which is too much important while doing online shopping and online banking. HTTPS encrypted site have https on address bar. With the padlock on navigation bar, it will inform you that you are visiting the safe site.

Tip 3 : Double Check URLs Before Clicking On It

Before clicking on any URLs, System users must double check them. Users must check the destination of links which can be done by hovering the mouse over link. System users must also be cautious to spelling. Generally hackers have a bad habit of tricking System users who don’t pay heed to URLs. By using the similar substitute characters in URL, it makes fool users into phishing site. Therefore, it is highly advised to double check the website before clicking on them.


Tip 4 : Use Website Safety Check Tool

Website security checker is the best tool that help user to check whether site is safe or not. To check site, you just enter the URL in the provided search box and then click on Enter button.

Tip 5 : Do Whois Lookup Domain Owner

To check about the legitimacy of site, you can do Whois lookup where you will know who owns site, the contact number of its developer, when the site was registered and many information. It is really very easy to do.

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