VxCrypter Ransomware Known To Delete Duplicate Files


This post is all about the vxCrypter which is known as the first member of ransomware family that capable to delete the duplicate files. Yes, you heard right. To know more about this ransomware and it’s activities, go through this guide completely.

Delete VxCrypter Ransomware

VxCrypter : New Malware That Delete Duplicate Files

In the digital space, a new term named vxCrypter has been appeared belonging to the ransomware category which is discovered on March 29, 2019 by malware researchers. It is mainly based on the old ransomware named vxlock that utilizes the highly advanced encryption standard (AES) and RSA algorithm to perform the file encryption procedure. It doesn’t only lock the victim’s data but also delete the duplicate files stored on PC. VxCrypter Ransomware is written in .Net and it is still in the development phase.

Know How Does vxCrypter Work On Users Machine

After getting inside the machine, vxCrypter initially keeps track of SHA256 hashes of the each encrypted files that converts data into the fixed fingerprint. In case, it it detects same SHA256 having unique fingerprint then it will automatically delete file instead of the decrypting file which as a result, it clean up user system and performance. Developers of vxCrypter often do this activity to increase the speed of file encryption.

Source code of VxCrypter Ransomware

VxCrypter Ransomware Enters Inside The PC Secretly

VxCrypter Ransomware often dropped to the user’s system as a fake system driver to C:\ProgramData\directory and appear as vxDriver.exe in Windows Task Manager. Such a ransomware is usually associated with the privilege escalation method that contains DLL hijack mainly attacks to protect dependencies. Basically, it is known for attaching the .xLck file extension to the end of encrypted files and delete Shadow Volume Snapshots on the Windows OS. After performing the encryption procedure successfully, it displays a ransom window titled as ‘vxCrypter’.


Ransom Note of VxCrypter Ransomware

In-Depth Information of Ransom Note Displayed By VxCrypter Ransomware

In the ransom message of VxCrypter Ransomware, its developer clearly mentioned that your all files are locked. To decrypt files and get the valuable data back, it asks user to pay the ransom demanded fee within 3 days otherwise the cost of ransom price will be doubled. It also mentioned in the ransom note that the files will be lost forever if victim don’t pay ransom fee in 7 days. The ransom payment is only accepted in the Bitcoin so that victims cannot reverse the transaction. Ransom note instructs user to pay $100 BTC to 1F1Aaz5x1HUXrCNLbtMDqcw6o5.

No Need To Pay Ransom Fee Asked By VxCrypter Ransomware Developers

After seeing ransom note, most of the victim decided to pay ransom money to VxCrypter Ransomware developer. If you are also one of them who also tricked by the ransom note and decided to pay ransom fee then it is one of the worst decision forever. There is no guarantee that file will be decrypted even paying ransom fee. So, you must opt a VxCrypter Ransomware removal solution instead of paying ransom fee in BTC to ransomware developer.

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