A Complete Guide To Uninstall Roblox On Mac OS X


Are you feeling too much troubled because of Roblox on your Mac system? Searching for the proper way to uninstall Roblox on Mac OS X from longer time? Are you facing difficulties while performing uninstallation procedure? If your answer is affirmative for these queries then you have reached at the right place. Here, you will get some helpful methods through which you can easily uninstall Roblox on Mac OS X.

Uninstall Roblox On Mac OS X

Facts You Should Know About Roblox

Roblox on Mac is actually a multi-player online game used by lots of players to play it. Mac users often uses this game because of its simple and exciting features, it allows them to interact with several players across the global world. This game also allows Mac users to build their own game world and customize their virtual characters with the various number of head shapes, hats, gear, clothing and body shapes. With this game, Mac users can make their own clothing so that they get more personalized in the game experience. First of all, it was released in the year 2006 and since then it grew about 30 million unique player monthly. It is undoubtedly one of the most popular game but sometimes, it has been abused by the group of cyber criminals and that time users need to opt an appropriate instruction to uninstall Roblox on Mac OS X.

Manual Method To Uninstall Roblox On Mac OS X

The manual method involves 3 essential step through which you can easily uninstall Roblox on Mac OS X. The steps are :

  • Quit Roblox game from executing.
  • Go ahead & drag Roblox to Trash.
  • Delete almost all associated files & folders.

Step 1 : Quit Roblox From Executing On Mac OS X

    • From your Dock, right-click on Roblox icon and select ‘Quit’ option.

    • After that click ‘Setup’ option which is located on upper-left corner of screen near logo of Apple and then select option of Quit Roblox.

    • From the list of your Applications, negative the ‘Activity Monitor’. After that click on Finder and select Dock. Then after click on Network button.

    • On next, select all executing process related to Roblox and click on ‘X’ button which is located on left side.
    • If a confirmation window will be appeared on your screen, click on Quit button.

Step 2 : Go Ahead & Drag Roblox To Trash

    • From Mac’s Dock, open Applications folder.
    • Locate Roblox and click on it.
    • Hold Roblox icon and move it to Trash folder.

    • After that press and hold Ctrl button and then after click on the Empty Trash option.

Step 3 : Delete All Related Files & Folders

    • On your Mac OS X, launch Applications folder.

    • Go to Library folder.

    • On next, go ahead and check these folder paths :
      • /Library/C
      • /Library/Application Support/;
      • /Library/Preferences/
      • /Library/Cache
      • /Library/Logs
      • /Library/Cookies
      • /Library/Roblox


With the aforementioned manual instruction, you will definitely capable to uninstall Roblox on Mac OS X. So, you must opt the instruction carefully.

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