Gendarmerie Nationale Ransomware : The French Edition of Ukash Attack on Rise

Important Facts You Should Concern About Gendarmerie Nationale Ransomware


Ukash trojan has infected thousand of Windows PC in Europe by taking the System hostage and harassing innocent user, this ransomware is responsible for generating the illicit profits to the cyber hackers. Actually, Gendarmerie Nationale Ransomware is an old fashioned ransomware that has surfaced by hackers recently as the new version. Needless to say that it mainly affect the user who live in the France country and speak French language.

Team of malware researchers have noted the ample growth in Ukash infection, since the news broke in falls in 2011 that cyber criminals were delivering this winlocker to hackers on affiliate plan. Actually, the developers of ransomware have created numerous plan to use and it and earn money from the innocent users. It is really very necessary to understand that it is not related to any agency of law enforcement and French police. In reality, it is an online scam that specifically designed to take the advantages of inexperience users.

Propagation Method & Behavior of Gendarmerie Nationale Ransomware

According to the malware researchers, it is most likely to distribute over software bundle or spam Email attachments. It also loaded down on Windows PC along with the another malware infection that is active on your Computer. Once it is installed inside your PC successfully, It will immediately locks your System or desktop screen with a ransom message that claims your OS is frozen because of some criminals dubious actions. The list of offenses which used in communication probably indicates that you have to do with spam attacks, child pornography, copyright infringement and much more. It also display scary message to scam innocent users. The text which is presented in the ransom message is as follows :

Depth-Analysis of Ransom Message Demanded By Gendarmerie Nationale Ransomware

The displayed messages is actually a misleading detail. The Systems of payment that used by Gendarmerie Nationale Ransomware for collection of fine is clear indication of ransomware attack. Payment systems are paysafeguard and Ukash that facilitate the anonymous transactions. Before paying ransom fee or trusting of messages, bear in your mind that the real law enforcement authorities does not use such a payment system to gather money.


If your desktop screen is blocked with scary message then you have to supposed to the fraud attempt by the hackers with security. The deletion of Gendarmerie Nationale Ransomware may be a challenge for you but no need to be worry because there are some expert’s solution through which you can easily deal with Gendarmerie Nationale Ransomware and decrypt your valuable file.

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