Resolve Windows 10 Automatic Repair Loop Issue


How to resolve resolve Windows 10 automatic repair loop problem? If you have the same query, this is the right place for you. Whenever Windows fails to start, it launch the inbuilt utility known as Automatic Repair. This inbuilt tool will fix the error and help Windows to boot normally. But this utility has also some drawbacks and sometime Automatic repair stuck and restarting it only redirect backs to repair.

What Causes Windows 10 Automatic Repair Loop Issue?

Corrupted and damaged ISO files are main culprit behind Windows 10 automatic repair loop issue. Sometime this issue also occur when user update their OS to Windows 10 and Windows defender or anti-malware software doesn’t match. In addition, missing of registry keys, malfunctioning of hard drive and dangerous rootkit can also cause this problem. Because of the Automatic Repair utility issue, user will receive one of the following error message :

  • Automatic repair couldn’t repair your PC
  • Preparing Automatic Repair

Whatever be the reason behind Windows 10 automatic repair loop issue, you can resolve the error by using the below given troubleshooting steps.

Method 1 : Restore Registry To Resolve Automatic Repair Loop Issue

  • Go to the Advanced options then Troubleshoot.
  • Under Advanced Options select Command Prompt.

  • Enter the given path and hit Enter:

c:windows\\system32\\config\\RegBack* c:windows\\system32\\config

  • When asked to overwrite the files, then type All, hit Enter.
  • Then type exit and hit Enter to close Command Prompt.

Method 2 : Fix Automatic Repair Loop Issue Using Check Disk Utility

To do that, connect installation CD to your computer. Then you have to select preferred language after that click on Next tab to continue. Then follow the given steps :

  • Click on Repair your computer option
  • Select Troubleshoot, go to Advanced Options

  • Click Command Prompt and Type chkdsk /f /r C:, press Enter

  • Type exit and hit Enter. Restart the PC.

Hope the above mentioned fixes help you to get rid of Windows 10 automatic repair loop problem. But if the issue still persist then it indicate the ISO files are missing or damaged. In that case it is suggested to download ISO files from official website of Microsoft.

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