The Most Secure Browser of 2019


If you are a regular browser user and want to know about the most secure browser of 2019 then your search definitely ends here. In this tutorial guide, you will definitely know which is the most secure browser, so that you can surf the web safely and normally.

The Most Secure Browser of 2019

Reason Behind The Searching For The Most Secure Browser of 2019

Over the Internet, the Internet privacy and security is one of the hottest topic. About the online security, never ending growth of the cybercrime, inappropriate case of data tracking and data breaches have already made concerned but recently, user have decided to find out the most secure browser of 2019. However, there are several browser available over the Internet which claims to offer lots of services and features to user. Almost all browser claims user to enhance browsing experience and get the relevant search result. So, it is really one of the confusing thing to judge which browser is the most secure browser of 2019. Well, after reading this guide, you will easily determine about the most secure browser of the year.

Get Familiar With Parameters For Browser Selection

  • Speed and Performance – Less use of the memory or RAM and ease of the scrolling webpage is one of the most important parameter for selecting the appropriate or right browser.
  • Security – The secure browser never allows malicious malware or virus to enter on your device.
  • Browser Extensions – The secure and good browser often support an effective browser extension to make user’s browsing experience too much richer.
  • Privacy – Good & secure browser has privacy mode that protect user’s visited site from unauthentic.
  • Excellent Page Display – The secure and good browser should capable to display the content in all formats.
  • Feature of Customization – The most secure browser of 2019 delivers user the flexibility by placing tabs on the side panel and allow them to adjust browser according to their preferences.

List of The Most Secure Browser of 2019

Google Chrome : Delivers High Security Level

There are several browser is available but among all Google Chrome is regarded as a leader. It’s convenient functionality and the high rate of security makes this browser too much success. Based on it’s features and all promises, Google Chrome can be regarded as the most secure browser of 2019 that comes with various excellence features including :

  • Safe browsing feature which alert users about the all possible threat.
  • Auto-update feature that allows to install all updates automatically and delete almost all security flaws.
  • Capable to generate unique password and save within browser.
  • Allows user to manage shortcuts easily.
  • Sandboxing feature adds an extra protection to avoid the automatically installation of malware.

Mozilla Firefox : Powered With Security Improvements


If there is a biggest competitor of Chrome browser then this is no other than Mozilla Firefox browser. It has numerous version and all version are packed with various excellence features. There are lots of privacy and security features offered by Mozilla Firefox browser, some of them are :

  • Linux Sandboxing that capable to prevent the hacking attempt.
  • The enhanced tracking protection feature disables the tracking.
  • The Firefox Monitor feature warns victim of their email gets involved into breach.
  • The Control Center allows for accessing and customizing various setting.
  • The CFR (Contextual Feature Recommender) recommends features and add-ons based on the user’s browsing experience.

Internet Explorer : A Popular Browser of Microsoft

Internet Explorer is one of the oldest browser from Microsoft Edge and it is not compatible with latest Windows System means Windows 10. This browser gains popularity just because of it’s various great features. It offers lots of features but some of common are :

  • Offers excellence browsing performance.
  • Comes with interactive interface.
  • Allows user to surf web from this browser normally and many more.

Microsoft Edge : Mainly Known For Blocking Phishing Sites

In the latest version of Windows OS means Windows 10, Microsoft Edge browser is presented to Internet community which has been ranked and positioned as safer version of Google Chrome. This browser has been packed with numerous excellence features which as a result it is ranked as one of the most secure browser of 2019 to surf the web. Some of it’s excellence features are :

  • Sandboxing feature that used to separate the executing programs.
  • Windows defender Smartscreen technology that helps people to detect the malicious or phishing site.
  • The password management feature that works together along with the security system of Windows 10 Passport.

Another Most Secure Browser of 2019

  • Epic Privacy Browser
  • Safari
  • Comodo Dragon Internet Browser
  • Tor browser and much more.

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