Updated Version of Terdot Banking Trojan Targets Email, Social Media & Financial Services


Terdot is in the news these days all for its infamous and wrong reason ever since its discovery in October 2017 in wild. Initially, it has been developed as a banking Trojan but it has grown into the sophisticated hacking tool that also behaves as an infostealer and backdoor. This variant of banking trojan has been specifically designed to target the social media accounts. It comes with interesting features but among all the best feature is the use of legitimate services to read the HTTPS traffic. You may know more about the banking trojan from it’s wikipedia link.

Evolution of Terdot Banking Malware

As we all know that the creators of the good malware specialize in flying under radar. However, the detail is stolen or leaked and released onto Internet. Actually, it is based on the Open source project and come with several unwanted attention. It often allowed the low level cyber criminals to gain access to thew high level code and look for taking the shortcuts for financial purposes. It may have started out in similar vein but it has grown to become the serious threat.

This variant of banking malware is highly sophisticated and customizable. In short, it can operate MITM proxy and steal your all crucial details such as browsing detail, login credentials, debit or credit card details, password, contact details, addresses and much more. It also injects the malicious HTML code to all visited webpages. Being featured with new features, it targets detail from their e-mail service providers including social site accounts. It is capable for targeting almost all social networks such as Twitter, Google Plus, Facebook, YouTube and much more.

Distribution Channels of Terdot Malware

Being a member of the Trojan community, Terdot is mainly spread via spam email and exploit kit. The spam email contains malicious attachments or links. Once you click intentional or unintentional upon the malicious JavaScript code then it automatically downloaded into your PC. Besides, its delivery mechanism uses the complex chain of downloader, droppers and other malicious threats. In order to read the browser traffic, it inject itself into the browser processes. Besides, it also attack Windows System through P2P file sharing network, bundling method, infected external devices, online game, file sharing sources and much more.

Precaution Measures Against Terdot Trojan

Once getting familiar with the infiltration channels of Terdot malware, you can easily avoid it by taking some precaution measures including :

  1. Beware while doing any online work.
  2. Be attentive and careful while installing any cost-free packages.
  3. Don’t open any spam emails or attachments that come to your inbox from unknown sender.
  4. Avoid to click on any suspicious ads or links.
  5. Use always trusted sources and Custom/Advanced installation mode instead of Typical/Default ones and much more.

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